Frozen Finger Fun Fly 2015

Keeping true to AAM tradition, we kicked off the new year with our Frozen Finger Fun Fly.  This year we had gorgeous weather and loads of snow on the ground which meant landing gear wouldn’t work.  Several spectators showed up to watch the eleven contestants fly three timed events.  Once the points were added, Joe Pirozzoli took first place in the Expert Class while Dave Jones took first in the Novice Class.  Thankfully the worst incurred damage was a broken prop.

Stay safe and enjoy this year!

Photos taken by Rod Sage.

Turkey Wing Fun Fly 2014

Nine contestants and many spectators showed up for the annual Turkey Fun Fly on Saturday after Thanksgiving. After three events, the points were tallied and Brad Weissenfels took 1st place followed by Lanny Hansen with 2nd and Joe Pirozzoli with 3rd in the expert category. In the novice category, Sam Sandoval took 1st, followed by Marv White with 2nd, and JD LaVasseur with 3rd. Ribbons were handed out for the top three positions plus a special Gold Plastic Cup was awarded to Sam Sandoval for getting the highest points in all three events. During the competition, we had a light cross wind; however just minutes after we opened the field to all, a squall came through and took out at least one plane.

Thanks to all who attended.

Rod Sage

Pictures by Joe Pirozzoli.

Frozen Finger Fun Fly 2014

What a great way and a great day to ring in the New Year. The wind was light, the temperature was tolerable, and the sun was peeking out. Seven contestants showed up with their eye on the prize of the coveted Frozen Finger trophy. Last year’s winner Dennis McNally brought the trophy, but didn’t compete. Events included a timed ground event through an obstacle course, a timed loop and landing, and a spot landing event. All planes survived the first event, but the second event knocked out two planes. Don’t ask Jim Manley what caused his plane to became the first casualty of the New Year. After the final event, points were tallied and indicated that Lanny Hansen was winner of the Expert class, and J.D. LaVasseur won in the Novice class and took home the trophy. Thanks go out to all contestants and spectators, who help make this such a fine event every year.