Board Members

Position Name Phone Contact
President Joe Pirozzoli E-mail
Vice President Bruce VerWest E-mail
Treasurer Ian Isaacs E-mail
Secretary Jerry Higgins E-mail
Safety Officer Duane Gall E-mail
Public Relations Rodger Barsch E-mail
Chief Flight Instructor Brian Gates E-mail
Events Coordinator Dan Underkofler E-mail
Field Marshall Bob Lenhardt E-mail
Membership Coordinator Doug Jones E-mail
Newsletter Editor Lee Jay Fingersh E-mail
Webmaster Dewey Garwood E-mail
Previous President Brad Weissenfels E-mail

Other Staff

Position Name Phone Contact
Nominating Committee Gil Schmidtke & Jim Hagberg E-mail
Chair of New Airpark Committee Ted Hughes E-mail
Club Historian Jim Shaw E-mail
Donations Coordinator Mark Stenson E-mail
Education and Research Coordinator Dan Underkofler E-mail
Outreach Committee Bill and Linda Bancroft E-mail
Photographer Lee Jay Fingersh Website
Weather Station Manager Rich Froiseth Email