History & Values

Arvada Associated Modelers (AAM) received its charter from the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) in 1975 and now has the distinction of being an A.M.A. Gold Leader Club. As we’ve grown and developed over the years, we’ve had the help of many enthusiastic and generous people. First and foremost are the members of our club who have worked tirelessly over the years to make this the most significant club in the country! Many of our members have donated goods and services from their own businesses. Many donate their time and effort to build and maintain a world-class flying site. Our members instruct new flyers in the skills of flying R/C aircraft; in what may be described as the best instructional program offered by any club in the U.S.A. Of course there exists a long line of officers and board members who have guided our organization over the past 30 years, keeping the club going and helping new members become active R/C Pilots. As a Gold Leader Club with a membership of over 300 we are one of the largest A.M.A. sanctioned clubs in the nation!

Community activities and involvement are extremely important to Arvada Associated Modelers and we invite all members, new and old, to support our club activities by joining in the fun. There are several community service activities that AAM has been and continues to be involved in.

We believe the best way to enjoy our hobby is by belonging to an active organization, that will nurture your desire to become an “Ace in The Sky”, assist you in the basics of the game, and assist everyone who wants it with top level aerobatic training.

Mission Statement


The Arvada Associated Modelers club and its members (AAM) have been a part of the Arvada and surrounding communities and an officially recognized Charter Club of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) since 1975. AAM has been recognized, for the past 15 consecutive years (19 years total), as a Gold Leader Club by the Academy of Model Aeronautics because of its superior record of safety, operations, charity and community service.


AAM was formed to safely engage in and promote the activities of aero-modeling within the City of Arvada and surrounding communities. AAM is strongly committed to fostering an environment that will be inclusive to all forms of aero-modeling as well as other associated hobby activities. AAM also seeks to be a community partner by engaging in community service projects (including aviation and aerospace research and education), being good stewards of the Airpark (and surrounding land), and by minimizing its impact on the environment.