The AAM Airpark is truly a “world class” aerodrome. The Airpark resides on 60 acres of Arvada City parkland nestled against the beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains, under the watchful eye the “Sleeping Indian.” The Airpark has three (3) separate flying sites (two (2) runways and a control-line circle), over 100 acres of over-fly area, a dirt RC car track, and many other amenities.

The flying sites include an integrated, state-of-the-art frequency control system for maximum safety and solar-powered DC charging stations for electric RC components.

Environmental and Community Stewardship

The AAM Airpark is an amazing and wonderful recreational amenity for the City and the community of Arvada! AAM is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of Airpark and the facilities. AAM is in compliance with all lease requirements and City ordinances and also endeavors to minimize environment impact (including noise) and to be good stewards of the land.

East Field Amenities
  • 50’ W x 750’ L concrete runway/taxi-ways/pilot stations/fencing/pit area & tables
  • 50’ W graded/compacted gravel apron
  • 35’ W x 40’ L pavilion/parking lot/picnic tables/bbq grill/bleachers/restroom
  • Safety fencing/frequency control/maintenance equipment/storage shed/rubbish containers
  • Solar charging station (500 watts)
  • Utility/lawn tractors/mowers/trimmers, etc.
  • Water wagon/snow plow/generator
West Field Amenities
  • 30’ W x 375’ L geo-textile runway/taxi-ways/pilot stations/fencing/pit area & tables
  • 4 – 10’ x 10’ concrete heli-pads
  • 30’ x 30’ pavilion/parking/picnic tables/bbq grill/restroom
  • Safety fencing/frequency control/maintenance equipment/storage building/rubbish containers
  • Solar charging station
Control-line Circle
  • 200’ diameter geo-textile runway circle
RC Car Track
  • 100’ W x 150’ L fine dirt/sand
Weather Station

See where we are located and come out for a visit!

AAM Entrance