Pilot Training

It has been said that the Arvada Associated Modelers is a goal-oriented club. One of our primary goals is to introduce new folks to the fun and enjoyment of safely flying model aircraft.

With this goal in mind, we have developed a FREE formal training program which takes place at our East Field every Thursday night 4pm until dark during the summer months beginning on the first Thursday of May and ending on the last Thursday of September (weather permitting). We welcome anyone interested in learning more about RC models to come out and take a no risk / no obligation introductory flight with an Instructor on a club plane and buddy box.

Flight Training

Flight Training

We also encourage new fliers to bring their own plane (if they already have one) and we will be happy to inspect the model for safety and airworthiness, trim it to fly straight, and help them learn the fundamentals of flying their plane with buddy boxes and cords which we supply (subject to compatibility). We will do our best to accommodate any aircraft that you may have, but there are some that do not have the ability to utilize a trainer system. For aircraft with no trainer system available, we will do everything we can to assist with getting it setup and flying straight.

Existing members are welcome as well. If you’re feeling a little rusty or need help maidening a new plane, come on out and we’ll help you. We are a flying club and training night is all about flying. Safe, fun flying!

Flight Training
Flight Training

Join the Training Mailing list — This list will be used to send training night updates only. This is strictly a notification list and only AAM Training staff will be able to post updates to this list.

You may also download the AAM Solo Exam to see what it takes to pass the flight instruction.

Instructor Pilots — Register a new student. You will need to log into this site as it is a members only site.

Common Questions


If you have additional questions or, for more information or flight assistance outside of our formal training hours, contact the Chief Flight Instructor.