Pilot Training

Arvada Associated Modelers (AAM) offers free training to individuals that are interested in learning to fly radio controlled (“RC”) model aircraft. The program and instruction are FREE and includes “Club-owned” airplanes and radios (if needed). However, the Club will also instruct with equipment (i.e. airplanes and radios) provided by the Student. The program is tailored to each individual’s needs and goals and designed to be flexible in terms of dates and times that suit both Student and Instructor.

As such, there are no formal training days or times. The days and times for instruction are determined by each Student and Instructor. Here is how it works…

  1. For instruction services, please contact the Chief Flight Instructor (CFI):
    Please include information about the Student, any special learning needs, and dates and times that are preferred by the Student. Please also include any previous RC flying experience, type of aircraft (if provided by Student), and any other information you’d care to share;
  2. The CFI will contact you and may request additional information. The CFI will then pair the Student with one of our certified flight Instructors;
  3. An Instructor will then contact you and go over any requirements for training, joining the Academy of Model Aeronautics, and arrange training dates and times. The frequency and availability of training sessions will be worked out between the Student and the Instructor. 

You may also download the AAM Solo Exam to see what it takes to pass the flight instruction.

Instructor Pilots — Register a new student. You will need to log into this site as it is a members only site.

Flight Training

Flight Training

If you own your own plane…

We also encourage new fliers to bring your own plane (if you already have one). We will be happy to inspect the model for safety and airworthiness, trim it to fly straight, and help you learn the fundamentals of flying your plane with buddy boxes (subject to compatibility and suitability). We will do our best to accommodate any aircraft that you may have, but certain aircraft are not suitable trainers and there are some that do not have the ability to utilize a trainer system (i.e. buddy box).

Current members or other experienced RC flyers…

Existing members and experienced RC flyers are also welcome to take advantage of training services. If you’re feeling a little rusty or need help “maidening” a new plane, contact the Chief Flight Instructor, and we’ll get you some help. We are primarily a Radio Control aeromodelling Club and proper training is essential to safe, fun flying!

Control Line (“CL”) enthusiasts…

We also have instruction for control line enthusiasts. This is a very unique and fun activity and may be done at considerably less cost than radio control modelling because there is no radio. Please let us know if you are interested in CL flying.

Flight Training
Flight Training

Visit the Airpark

Anyone interested in learning more about building and flying RC and CL models are welcome to visit the Airpark. You can arrange a guided visit or may simply show up to observe activity whenever the Airpark is open. The best times to visit the Airpark are on weekends during daylight hours, weather permitting (see map for location of the Airpark).

Training “Open House” Events

The Club will be periodically hosting Training Open House events. During an Open House individuals interested in learning to fly can take a no risk, no obligation introductory flight with a certified Instructor using a Club training plane and buddy box.

Training Preferences and Priorities

Although the Club would like to accommodate everyone, Instructors and resources are limited. Therefore, the Club reserves the right to prioritize Students that have either: A) already made an investment in equipment (i.e. model aircraft and radio); or B) already joined Arvada Associated Modelers and/or the Academy of Model Aeronautics.

Common Questions


If you have additional questions or, for more information or flight assistance outside of our formal training events, contact the Chief Flight Instructor.