Event Hosting

Arvada Associated Modelers (AAM) was formed to provide its members with facilities and a forum to safely engage in and promote the activities of radio-controlled (RC) aero-modeling. AAM also encourages and supports diversity in RC modeling through contests and special events.  In order to safely conduct such events, Contest and Event Directors must apply and get approval and support from AAM for their activity.

The following five (5) steps describes the process by which a Contest or Event Director (CD or ED) must apply, get approval, and subsequently provide reporting of a contest or special event.

  1. Fill out the AAM Contest/Event Application and submit the completed form to the AAM Events Coordinator (EC).
    The application must be received by the EC at least two (2) regularly scheduled, monthly AAM Board meetings in advance of the proposed Contest/Event dates.
  2. The CD/ED presents and discusses the proposed contest or event at an AAM Board meeting (at such time that the application is scheduled to be reviewed by Board Members).
    Review of the application will be scheduled by the EC a minimum of two (2) Board meetings in advance of the proposed Contest/Event dates.
  3. The Board will review the application and may take immediate action or opt to postpone action until a subsequent Board meeting if additional information (relating to the Contest/Event) is needed. The Board may require the CD/ED to attend subsequent Board meetings in order to provide periodic updates or progress reports regarding the development and planning of the Contest/Event.
  4. The CD/ED will execute the Contest/Event.
  5. The CD/ED must complete the AAM Contest/Event Report and submit it to the AAM EC within seven (7) days after the Contest/Event has been concluded. The report must include all required information, receipts, monies, etc. as specified in the report form.

AAM Event Financial Policy (implemented 04/2022)

In the event of a net financial shortfall, and assuming the event budget was approved by EC and the AAM Board, the club may reimburse CD/ED for some or all of the net loss.  The CD/ED must petition the AAM Board for this reimbursement.

In the event of a net profit over the budgeted amount already promised to club, all excess funds will go to the club.

A CD/ED may “shortcut” the budget and reporting process by guaranteeing the AAM a net payment.  In the case of an actual financial loss, the CD/ED will be personally responsible for providing the guaranteed funds to the club.  In the case of a net profit above the guaranteed amount, the CD/ED may disposition the excess funds as he sees fit.

CD/ED is responsible for leaving the event site in satisfactory condition for subsequent routine usage.  This includes picking up trash, cleaning toilet, and replacing toilet paper as required.

AMA Sanction and Other Forms and Resources

It is often advantageous (or required) for a contest or event to be officially sanctioned by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). In either case, the CD/ED is encouraged to apply to AMA to Sanction* their contest or event. Sanction and other AMA fees are reimbursable to the CD/ED by AAM.

AMA Sanction, Reporting, and Other Forms

*In order to be eligible to apply for an AMA Event Sanction, the CD/ED must be a recognized by AMA as a “Contest Director”.  AMA Sanctioned contests or events also require reporting to AMA.

Links to AMA Contest Director Information and Application

Information and Assistance from AAM

The AAM Event Coordinator (EC) is the point of contact for additional information and questions regarding the application, approval, support, execution, and reporting for AAM contests and events. Articles, results, information, and pictures about the Contest/Event should be submitted to the AAM Newsletter Editor for publication. Support with specific field requirements and improvements should be directed to the AAM Field Marshall. You may contact them via email.