URGENT ACTION REQUIRED! Intervene on Proposed FAA Restrictions

Greetings AAM Members,
The FAA is at it again!  This time, under the authority granted them by the “FAA REAUTHORIZATION ACT OF 2018”, the FAA is proposing significant restrictions to model aircraft operations, in terms of altitude limitations in both controlled and uncontrolled airspace.  The memo below from AMA, which many of you may have already received, describes the proposed ruling.  You may recall that, for the past year, we have been operating under the assumption that we have no altitude limitation at our fields.  That may change if the FAA is able to implement these new rules.
What can you do?  Simple, click on the link below and fill out the form to send letters to your Congressional representatives.  For most of us that will include US Senators, Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet, and US Representative Ed Perlmutter.  With just a few simple clicks you can, “Join the fight for higher flight!!!”

Thanks, and please DO NOT hesitate, ACT NOW!!!  It is extremely important that WE ALL participate in this movement.

You may contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,

Joe Pirozzoli
AAM Director of Public Relations
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