The Journey Visits AAM

On Wednesday, June 8, 2016 The Journey-Brain Injury Community Services visited our Airpark for some RC airplane flying. The Journey is an organization that provides services to individuals who have suffered brain injuries. Most of the injuries are a result of auto accidents and falls. One of the services that The Journey provides are day activities like bowling, movies, Rockies games, and on June 8 a trip to Arvada Associated Modelers Airpark.

Special thanks go to Dick Snyder who dazzled them with his tales and descriptions of RC flying, Dewey Louderback who buddy-boxed two of The Journey attendees and the Director of The Journey, to Jim Shaw who helped Dewey, Dick and The Journey attendees, and to Larry Howerter who donated an airplane kit to the Journey folks. Also, thanks to other members that helped and flew airplanes for them.

There were about 15 brain injured attendees and 6 staff. For more information The Journey’s website is: There are some photos and information on their Facebook page at:

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