Jan 2020 Weather Station Update

As many of you have noticed, the weather station feed from our cameras/weather apps at the field are currently down, and have been since Jan 11th.

The systems at the field are working fine, as is the local network at the field (all devices are connected and up on the network at the field).

Our internet service from the field is provided by TMobile, and that service is how the weather data and camera images are uploaded to our website.  After speaking with TMobile’s technical support, we discovered that they are upgrading the towers that allow our devices at the field to connect to the internet; due to that work, we do not have internet connectivity for the field.

TMobile expects to complete the upgrades and restore our service by Feb 2nd.

As Joe mentioned, you can use the NREL weather station as a stand-in for the time being:

NREL Flatirons Campus weather station:
Thank you for your continued patience while we wait for TMobile to restore our field internet service.
Dewey Garwood
AAM Webmaster
Posted in Events.