Help Wanted – Flight Instructors

Instructors Needed
Greetings! Despite the fact that we are heading into the fall, our need for flight instructors is actually
growing. We have taken on (and successfully trained) many new students this year and continue to get
new candidates. However, our long list of qualified instructors is actually, not so long.

Out of a possible 15 that have signed up and/or instructed previously, we really only have a half dozen
that are active. Each with their own limitations relating to available time and schedules. As a result,
we are currently stretched pretty thin. As such, we are looking for a few more instructors.

Instructing is a very fun and rewarding activity. There is really nothing more satisfying than watching a
person (usually a child) progress in skill and confidence as they learn to fly an RC airplane. The
transformation that occurs when they go from being very tentative and skeptical about their abilities
to a successful pilot is not only rewarding, but extremely energizing. That accomplishment will follow
them throughout their lives. They’ll remember, through experimentation and effort, the success they

We have our own equipment. The trainers we are using today (Aeroscouts) are just about the best
airplanes we’ve ever utilized. They almost guarantee success with every student. Each student will, on
some level, be able to fly an RC airplane. This is not the traditional way we learned, but it does work
and every student will be able to achieve success.

Please consider becoming an AAM Flight Instructor. And, if you are already on our list, please consider
re-engaging with students. If interested, please contact me via the website (Chief Flight Instructor).

Brian Gates, CFI

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