Help Wanted – Field Marshall

Thank You, Bob Lenhardt

Well folks… I’d hoped this day would never come. However, at long last, Bob Lenhardt is stepping down as our Field Marshall. Bob has spent the last 7 years as our Field Marshall. His tenure has spanned 3 Presidents. He has done so with great skill, diligence and integrity. We have had many great people in this position, and Bob has distinguished himself as one of the best of the best by his superior leadership, talent and abilities. Often times, Bob did things himself in solitude and without great fanfare, but he was also very adept at massing the troops and supervising large groups with many complicated objectives. In the end, we could always count on Bob and he always delivered the goods.

I have grown very appreciative of Bob and always trusted him to do the job the right way. I also think of Bob as a good friend and fun person to be around. I hope to see Bob more frequently and enjoy flying with him in the years to come.

Thank you, Bob, and… “Job Well Done”!

Doing It Your Own Way

That being said, we need someone to fill some very big shoes. Now, I know what you are thinking… “Bob is a tough act to follow”! And, that is very true. However, you do not have to do the job the same way that Bob did it. In Bob’s own words… “it can be a position of just organizing and scheduling work and rounding up different materials for what needs to be done”. Bob did a lot of things himself because that is what he both enjoyed and was good at.

However, this job can be largely administrative. IOW… setting up and directing work parties, procuring materials, utilizing outside resources (such as Jefferson county persons required to do community service), and coordinating other Club members with different skill sets and talents.

Additionally, Bob isn’t the kind of guy to just drop everything and walk away. He’s going to continue to be around and has committed to help with the transition of a new person in this role. He has also said that he is willing to help out with different projects from time to time.

This is a very rewarding and vital Board position. That’s right, this is also a Board position. And that means it comes with a great deal of help and support from a very talented and experienced of group of folks that will support you, just as they have Bob. If you are interested in being our Field Marshall, please have a conversation with Bob and reach out to me or any other Board member.


Joe Pirozzoli, President

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