AAM Fire Policy & Procedures

We are updating our field regulations to include the following policies related to fire prevention and fire fighting.


AAM Fire Policy & Procedures

Revised Aug. 10, 2022

1. If a crash occurs (any type of model), everyone look for smoke. This is the responsibility of everyone present, not just the pilot who crashed.

2. If smoke is visible: (a) a member must be assigned to immediately call AFD. In addition to the field address posted in the east field shed, we will post maps of the area so that whoever calls AFD can better describe the location of the fire for efficient access. (b) Everyone who is physically able to do so, regardless of which flying site they are currently using, should immediately scramble to fight the fire. If you’re flying, land your plane and go fight the fire.

3. AAM will provide club members (at least annually) basic training on proper fire-fighting techniques as well as proper use of the available equipment.

4. Club will provide fire extinguishers and pay for maintenance to recharge/maintain. Members must contact the Safety Officer or other Board member if a fire extinguisher is used and needs service or maintenance.

5. AAM will enhance its firefighting capability by purchasing additional firefighting equipment and apparatus, which may include shovels, axes, blankets, “5-foot fire swatters,” and other durable tools, and installing one or more new gates in the fence to facilitate greater access to Pattridge Park.

6. Limits on flying.

a. AAM will honor any type of fire restrictions or “red flag” warnings (open burning, fireworks, etc.)

b. If a state/local/AFD fire ban or fire restriction is in effect or a “red flag” warning has been issued, members will not fly unless there is someone physically present with a working cell phone so that in the event of a fire, they can immediately notify AFD. And, if during a fire restriction or “red flag” warning, current wind conditions at the field exceed 25 mph steady or 30 mph gust within the previous hour, members will cease all flying.

c. Notice of fire ban/restriction will be based on the latest available information posted at:

https://www.jeffco.us/511/Fire-Restrictions-Bans, and


respectively, and monthly updates of the status of any fire bans/restrictions will be published in the newsletter and on the club’s web site.

d. AAM will attempt to schedule larger contests or invitational events (e.g., the annual Big Bird fly-in) with AFD.

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