Notice of Annual Business Meeting and Elections

By:  Joe Pirozzoli, President


Members, each year we are required to have at least one (1) Business Meeting.  The purpose and agenda of the Annual Business Meeting is always announced in advance so that members will be encouraged to attend and so that a quorum is assured.  There are many issues that may be attended to at a Business Meeting, but most typically, that meeting is held for the purpose of electing Club Officers (and is usually held in November). 

This has been, without question, an extraordinary year for each us (as individuals) and for our Club.  I cannot recall a time such as this in the 35+ years that I have been a member, nor could I have even conceived of this last November when I ran for office.  As we approach the time when the election of our Club Officers should occur, provisions and alternative procedures must be considered.  They must be considered because there is a very real probability that we will not have an Annual Business Meeting or Elections in 2020.  Regardless, we are still preparing as if both will still occur this year.

The following Notices and Provisions are provided so that we may adequately navigate our uncertain future, but also so that we may preserve the obligations and requirements prescribed in our Bylaws.

Notice of Annual Business Meeting

It is my obligation to schedule and announce our intent to hold an Annual Business Meeting (“ABM”).  As such, it is our intent to hold the ABM on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 at 7 pm.  Location, at this time, to be determined.  The only (official) Club business that is scheduled for this year’s ABM will be the election of Club Officers (i.e. President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Safety Officer).

It is also my obligation to appoint a person to Chair a Nominating Committee.  The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to seek out and put forth at least one candidate for each elected Club Officer position.  The Nominating Committee Chairperson this year is Dr. Gil Schmidtke (“Doc”).  Doc accepted the appointment in late August.  Elsewhere in this Newsletter, the Committee is presenting the current slate of candidates for elected office.  If you are interested in running for elected office, please contact Doc as designated in the enclosed advertisement.

ABM and Election Provisions and Alternative Procedures

Some of you may be questioning the wisdom of holding the ABM in November given the current situation with COVID.  We are not oblivious to that concern, nor will the Board approve to have any meeting if it presents a health risk to our Members.  However, the Board is under certain, specific obligations according to our Bylaws.  As such, we have determined a path forward that is compliant with these obligations and requirements.

As I mentioned above, “it is our obligation to schedule and announce our intent to hold an ABM”.  It is also the obligation of the Nominating Committee to conduct elections at said meeting.  However, the ABM may be rescheduled for another date (i.e. it does not have to occur in November).  Further, the ABM may also be “cancelled for Cause”.

Therefore, this is how things will work this year.  This is the logic and progression that has been formulated and unanimously agreed upon by the Board of Directors and which conforms to Club Bylaws:

  • October Newsletter – President to announce intent to hold ABM & Elections on 11/3/2020 (that is this notice).  Nominating Committee to also present a slate of Club Officer candidates.
  • October Board Meeting (10/14) – Board will determine if November ABM will take place or be postponed until December.  If postponed, the ABM will be rescheduled for 12/1/2020.
  • November Board Meeting (11/11) – Board will determine if the ABM in December will take place or be CANCELLED for CAUSE.  IOW… if we don’t have the ABM in December then the 2020 ABM is effectively cancelled.
  • The Board will then schedule a Business Meeting in 2021, at the earliest possible date, for the purpose of holding an Election of the 2021 Officers.

That’s it folks, that’s what we’ve come up with.  We realize that it is highly unlikely that we will have the 2020 ABM and Elections in this calendar year, but we are planning for it (regardless) as required by the Bylaws.  However, the Bylaws do also have a provision that Officers and Directors may continue in their current positions until such time that newly elected Officers and appointed Directors can assume their roles.


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