Airpark Relocation Information

Above – Early Concept for New AAM Flying Field

The mission of the New Field Design Committee is to design and construct a new air and hobby park that:

  • Is safe
  • Includes the vision of the club membership as much as possible
  • Fits the 2-criterea provided by the City of Arvada:
    • The new facility will be no more than what we have currently, unless the club pays for additional improvements
    • The new facility fits within the site provided by the city in the Arvada Blunn / Pioneer Master Plan
  • Is low maintenance
  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Can accommodate events like Colorado Pattern Contest, Warbirds Over the Rockies, Big Bird Fly-In, AAM airshows
  • Can accommodate a variety of hobbies like rc airplane flying (small foamies, medium electric and glow planes, large gas planes, and turbine jets), pylon racing, helicopters, multi-rotor, control-line, rc cars, drone races, and more
  • Is neighbor- and City of Arvada-friendly
△ Name ▽△ Size ▽△ Date ▽
Open | Download
236.81 KBApril 13, 2019
Open | Download
208.02 KBApril 13, 2019
Open | Download
259.73 KBApril 13, 2019
Open | Download
615.23 KBApril 13, 2019
Open | Download
892.93 KBApril 13, 2019
Open | Download
3.66 MBApril 13, 2019
Open | Download
419.66 KBApril 13, 2019
Open | Download
925.94 KBApril 13, 2019
Open | Download
460.07 KBApril 13, 2019


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Bob McCoy

1. Is there any planning or potential for including a shallow lake for RC use for float flying, RC boats, etc?
2. Do you need any qualified help designing and implementing a reasonably valid survey for members, neighbors, or any other interested parties? If yes, I can volunteer myself.

I am a current AAM member
Ted Hughes

1 The Pioneer-Blunn master plan includes a lake sometime in the future adjacent to our site to the north. The club will work with the City of Arvada to be allowed to access the lake for float flying and rc boating when the future lake is developed. Your idea of a dedicated body of water on the club site will be evaluated.
2 There will be a survey. Please contact me, one of the new field committee members, or a board member directly.

Bob Westcott

I use a powered wheelchair and have found that it is difficult and uncomfortable to drive my chair on the loose rock in the parking area and in the area between the assembly tables and the concrete leading to the runway. Wheelchairs such as mine with 10 -14 inch wheels have difficulty with loose surface material such as crushed rock, wood chips and loose dirt as the wheels dig in and the chair becomes high centered preventing movement. The rock at the present site is also extremely bumpy and jolting to drive on. The parking lot is not a big… Read more »

I am a current AAM member
Rod Sage

I agree; that’s a concern that should be addressed. We should think about providing handicapped parking up close and look into a smoother surface.

Ted Hughes

We will take in to consideration accessibility as we design the new airfield.

Daniel Underkofler

Thanks for all your past, present, and future work on this project!
My priority in a flying sight is to keep the sun out of our faces. You’ve done that better with the new proposed layout than our current field is (which is not bad at all). I hope you are able to retain nearly an E-W runway orientation as you consider airspace conflict between the two new runways.

I am a current AAM member
Joe Wagner

1) I support the idea of two air fields as we have today. Not only is the current East field often occupied by larger and much faster planes, it can get very busy due to its popularity. It is very nice for new pilots with smaller, foamy type planes to fly in a calmer and quieter setting. It would be nice if both fields coud be concrete – but its it’s understandable it that could not be the case. 2) Sufficient power to both fields would be a definate plus. This could not only reduce long term charging station expenses… Read more »

I am a current AAM member
Mike Monagle

I agree with Joe Wagner. It would be great if the smaller field could also be paved.

Rod Sage

I doubt if we will get concrete on the short runway, but asphalt may be possible.

Bob Westcott

Doesn’t asphalt need to be resealed periodically? If we look at the cost of each reseal how long until we will spend what it would have cost to pave with concrete? I am not criticizing the response and do not know the answer but I am just asking the question.

Ted Hughes

Thank you for the suggestions. We’ll add them to our list of suggestions for further evaluation and consideration.