Lots of Spektrum Stuff (various prices)

Lots of Spektrum Stuff (various prices) - $ 25.00

1. AR637T 6 channel AS3X/Safe telemetry receivers.
I have 5 of them. $75 each. On has one antenna that has 2 spots tiny of exposed wire. $65 for that one. Antenna can be easily replaced if you wanted to do it. They just pop on.

2. Aircraft telemetry flight pack sensor with Xt90 connectors. This will via a telemetry receiver tell you how many mah are consumed so you know when is the perfect amount of time to land. Works great especially in EDF Jets. You can set an alarm at a certain mah consumed amount. Awesome for electric planes.

3. Castle telemetry link xbus Spektrum compatible. This tells you all the data from a castle speed controller to your telemetry receiver. Very cool. Tells you lots of info and you can set alarms. I used it for amps watts and temperature of my speed controller. Very useful.

4. Spektrum GPS telemetry sensor. Very cool you can see how fast or slow you can fly via telemetry using this sensor.

5. New in package Admiral DSMX AND DSM2 compatible 6 channel receiver with stabilizer plus diversity antenna.

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$ 25.00