Parkway Development Update

Dear Members,
I’ve heard from many of you inquiring about the impact of recent developments related to the Jefferson Parkway development schedule.  I had previously reported that Parkway construction could start as early as the Spring of 2020.  However, I also cautioned (as I have on numerous occasions) that the schedule could be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.  IOW… we didn’t know what was “lying in the weeds”.
Prior to very recent events JPPHA (Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority) was poised to issue, this summer, an RFP (Request for Proposal) to 3 viable candidates to design, build, operate, and maintain the Parkway.  The successful bidder would become the Concessionaire of the Parkway and be the entity that would effectively fund and construct our relocation.
Many of you are now aware that there are 2 very significant issues which must be resolved before any further development will occur.  They are:  1) Broomfield, one of the 3 partners of JPPHA, is wavering on its commitment to the project; and 2) the discovery of elevated levels of plutonium contamination along the Indiana street ROW (on the east side of the Rocky Flats refuge).  Failure to resolve either one of these issues could result in a substantial delay of the project.  The project schedule is currently on hold until these issues can be resolved.
The Airpark’s relocation is directly tied to the selection of a Concessionaire, successful financing of the project, and a “go” decision to begin design and construction.  The authority (or lack of supervisory opposition) for the project to go forward will come from many sources and entities.  And, it appears that such authority will take more time to acquire.  The amount of time it will take to resolve these issues is unknown at this time, but it is feasible that construction could still begin sometime next year.
I remain in contact with key individuals, both at the City and at JPPHA, for information and perspective on the issues facing the Parkway development.  However, a recent series of articles appearing in the Arvada Press is an excellent source of this information.  The 5th installment, in this series, appears in the August 29th edition of the Press.  If you are outside the City of Arvada and wish to read these articles, go to (  The 1st installment appears in the August 1st edition.  There have also been articles published in the Denver Post on the local news channels.
AAM’s Design and Construction committee continues to work with the City to develop and locate our new Airpark. Their work is not complete and work will continue as long as there is a clear path for Parkway development.  However, our progress will be hindered somewhat coincidentally with Parkway delays.  It would be premature to speculate on any new schedule for Parkway development until the aforementioned issues have been resolved.  And, there is always the possibility of additional issues “jumping out the weeds”.
All I can say for now is… be patient and I will continue to update you as things progress.
Have a happy and safe Labor day weekend,
Joe Pirozzoli, Director Public Relations
Arvada Associated Modelers

Just Another Day In Paradise

This video was shot by Mark Howard using an FPV Quad on November 20, 2017 showcasing some of our members and facility.  Another beautiful day at the AAM Airpark.

New East Field Charging Station

There was a major project that several club members were involved in and the whole club benefited – a new solar-powered charging station at the East Field.  This station was designed, built, and installed entirely by club members.  Thanks to their creativity and workmanship, we no longer will see hoods up in the parking lot.