Too many parts to list - see pictures

Too many parts to list - see pictures - $ 200.00

I've been in the hobby for - longer than I can recall. I have flown pattern most of my life but did some sport flying also. I have not counted how many servos I have but I'd guess more than 30. These have been in a sealed case for the last 10 years; but all have been used at one time or another. Here are a few: Hitec HS80, HS85MG (2+), HS55 (4+), Eflite S75 (5+), Futaba 131sh (5+), 5101, 9201 and many others. I have a very new Enya 30 Super Sport + one another one that was crashed at some point in time, which I saved for parts. Have 2 mufflers for this motor. Compression is great, turns over well by hand. plus Servo trays, ACE R/C Digital charger / discharger. Many mini-servos I used for indoor flying; a few receivers - just lots of R/C plane equipment.

I want to sell it all - not part-it-out.

I can meet you at the field or somewhere local in Westminster (Federal and 120th location)

If you have questions send me an email or call.


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scott covey


$ 200.00