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50 size Mythos, pattern plane, for sale - $ 1,100.00

It’s truly ready to fly and with many extras. I’ll assure you every aspect of this model was put together with competition in mind, from the aileron servos (JR9411 – often used on 2M pattern planes), to the CG location of each component.

Purchase options:
- Plane, ready to fly with Spektrum DX9 w/ charger. 6, 6S 4500 40C batteries, 12v power supply powers 2 Cellpro 10X chargers – can charge 2 6S batteries at one time, wing bags, …this is the configuration I fly at the field and charge at home. Discharger for storing batteries, AMP meter to check motor current draw, field battery monitor. The is the exact plane and configuration you have seen fly at the field. $1100
- Add $350 for a complete set of parts for a 2nd plane or spare parts – motor, ESC, cables, servos, control horns – all the parts you would ever need to replace any component in the plane – no actual “plane’ parts, just electronics and plane hardware. Included for this price is: (AR9000 2.4 DSM2 9-Channel Receiver (2048 Resolution) normally $150, 2 JR 9411HV servos (normally $110 each), Elevator and Rudder DS921 servos, new motor, ESC, all plane hardware
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scott covey


$ 1,100.00