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6S 4500 35C batteries for sale - you can try before you buy! - $ 20.00

Here's the "deal" - I have six 6S batteries, 4500mah, 35C - I use these for pattern flying but they are not performing as 'new' any longer, meaning I would not use them in a contest, but I use them daily for practice - I am slowly changing to 6S 4500 40C batteries. I currently have 2 that I'd like to sell as the 40C batteries are out of stock and I need 6 batteries to practice with. When the 40C batteries are back in stock I'll be selling the other 4 I have. The batteries are still great for applications that don't need extreme high performance - I still use them and they perform fine - just not 'as new' cells do. ****** If you belong to the club I will let you try these batteries before you buy them - can't beat that! You fly them, take them home and charge them, try them again - and if you don't want them after this, I'll just take them back (you can have 2 days to do this - fly one day, charge that night, fly the next day). **** If you do want them, you pay $20 each.

Questions? Call or text.


Scott Covey


$ 20.00