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UPDATED! RC model scale airplanes, helicopters, accessories - $ 1.00

I found out about your group online, searching for local RC and airplane model clubs... I really know nothing about this topic but I am emailing you because my dad was an avid hobbyist and LOVED collecting models, RC airplanes, helicopters, etc. (and real ones too). Sadly he passed away 6 years ago - he was in the midst of building an actual Bell 47 when he died. I am now helping my mom clear out some of the things that she doesn't have room for anymore. We are hoping they will no longer just sit in a box or collect dust, and go to someone who loved these items as much as my dad did.

The list of items is here: Scale models are the first items, then RC items come after that. Photos of many ***but not all*** items are attached here (this site said many of my images were too small - not sure why since they aren't that small and I'm not re-taking them - and there is a limit of 10 photos here and I have way more than that!) Please message me if you want any more photos.

Thank you!


Carrie Meurer


$ 1.00