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HUGE LOT of RC and model airplanes, helicopters, etc. - $ 1.00

I found out about your group online, searching for local RC and airplane model clubs... I really know nothing about this topic but I am emailing you because my dad was an avid hobbyist and LOVED collecting models, RC airplanes, helicopters, etc. (and real ones too). Sadly he passed away 6 years ago - he was in the midst of building an actual Bell 47 when he died. I am now helping my mom clear out some of the things that she doesn't have room for anymore. We are hoping they will no longer just sit in a box or collect dust, and go to someone who loved these items as much as my dad did.

I have a list of the items but can't include it here since there is a character limit... many still sealed in boxes, some not. The list has the description, quantity and condition of each item. If you think you're interested, please email me for the list and any more photos. Photos of most ***but not all*** items are attached here, but I am happy to take more detailed pics. There is a limit of 10 photos here but I have 6 more images showing all the R/C airplanes and more R/C helicopters.

Please forward this along to anyone else who might be of help! Thanks!


Carrie Meurer


$ 1.00