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Here's your chance! Competative Pattern plane, 50 size - $ 400.00

This Angel's Shadow (50 size) placed 3rd in Masters in last years Arvada Pattern Contest. I am selling as I have a new plane this year. There are 4 configurations you can choose from:

1) Fuselage and wings only - elevator pushrod installed and connected, all aligned, balanced, and ready to add your components. $400
2) Add all servos installed with pushrods - ready to connect to your Rx. $500 (no motor or ESC)
3) Add installed Motor and ESC. $650
4) Add 6, 5S, 5000mah batteries, the ones I used in competition, and still in good condition. This is Ready to Fly - you add your Receiver, and go. $800

This is a fully trimmed pattern plane. Many have seen this at the field last year. The plane fly's great doing any maneuver.
It's ready to fly so I can easily demo it, or, assuming you are a good pilot, you are welcome to fly it.

I realize this is a specialty item and I'm in no hurry to sell. My 2017 model is flying well and I was going to use the Angel Shadow as a backup, but I'll get another model and use that one.


Scott Covey


$ 400.00